recovery after breast augmentationResearch reveals that women who are interested in a breast augmentation generally consider the procedure for several years before they actually undergo surgery. One of their many apprehensions about breast augmentation surgery centers on their recovery.

Regardless of what most women have read on the internet, a 24-48 hour recovery after breast augmentation is possible. However this type of recovery does not happen by chance. Over 90% of my patients are routinely back to their normal activities in just a couple of days, most requiring only Advil for discomfort. In addition, most of my patients return to moderate levels of cardiovascular exercise at two weeks, and their routine work-outs in as little as 4-6 weeks.

The key to this type of predictable recovery is detailed pre-operative planning, meticulous surgical technique, and advanced anesthesia practices. First, by the elimination of almost all intra-operative and post-operative narcotics I am able greatly reduce post-operative nausea and vomiting. Even more importantly, performing a precise, accurate and dry surgical procedure reduces trauma and bruising, both of which speed a patient’s recovery. With the addition of a small amount of a long acting local anesthetic placed directly into the pocket around the implant at the end of the surgical procedure, patients awaken after surgery, sore but comfortable. I do not use cumbersome pain pumps, or special binders or bras. Patients are instructed to move their arms over their heads in the recovery room, and are allowed to shower the next morning. This quick recovery is appreciated by women of all ages; whether my patient needs to get back to college, work, or caring for their young children, the rapid return to normal activities is welcomed by all.

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