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Women who are considering breast augmentation now have more options when it comes to choosing their breast implants. Dr. Caroline Glicksman, a board certified plastic surgeon from New Jersey, tells ThePlasticSurgeryChannel.com how this new highly cohesive implant gives American women the same access to safe and modern implants as women around the world.

New Options in Breast Augmentation for American Women

In March of 2012, Sientra became the third manufacturer of breast implants to enter the US market. This approval is heralded by many leading experts as an indication that the newest textured shaped breast implants, currently only available outside of the USA or through enrollment in clinical trials, may soon be available. But there are differences between Sientra’s shaped devices and the newest generation of highly cohesive gels manufactured by Allergan and Mentor. Dr. Glicksman describes what makes an implant highly cohesive