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Dr. Caroline Glicksman, a board certified plastic surgeon in NJ, and breast augmentation surgery specialist, discusses the four steps that will help you select a breast augmentation surgeon and understand the process of breast augmentation.

Dr. Glicksman discusses the need to research breast augmentation before visiting a board certified plastic surgeon and learn about all breast implant options currently available. These include saline breast implants, round silicone gel breast implants, and the newest generation of highly cohesive form stable silicone gel breast implants. Until FDA approval, women will need to enroll in a clinical trial to obtain the shaped, form stable gels known as “Gummy Bears”. The next step in breast augmentation is accurate soft tissue measurements and breast implant selection based on the patient’s specific tissues, not preconceived ideas about cup size. The breast augmentation surgeon should offer meticulous, bloodless surgical technique that will help produce a 24 hour recovery time and reduce pain. And finally, Dr.Glicksman discusses the need for all women who have undergone a breast augmentation, to follow-up with their plastic surgeon for as long as they have breast implants.