Why does Dr. Glicksman incorporate the Vectra® 3-D imaging into her breast consultations?

Web-Vectra3D-Circle-HomePage-Glicksman-2015If you are thinking about a breast augmentation, chances are you have been contemplating this decision for years. Once you find a plastic surgeon that you trust, there are the obvious concerns about safety and cost. The next big decision is determining which implant style, shape, and size is right for you. The Vectra® 3-D Imaging and Simulation System has been seamlessly incorporated into Dr. Glickman’s pre-operative planning, based on bio-dimensional principles. Good communication skills and comprehensive patient education are essential. Plastic surgeon Dr. Caroline Glicksman is the author of several chapters on patient education in breast augmentation. Studies have shown that the decisions made by both the surgeon and the patient during the consultation phase may have more of an impact on the outcome and it’s longevity than the exact implant selected or the procedure itself. One of the most difficult steps in a breast augmentation is getting the results you imagined. How can a patient know what they will look like with a certain implant or lift? Outdated methods of communication that try to predict possible outcomes include looking at before and after images of other patients who look similar, or the method of giving a patient a batch of implants to “try on” in a bra. Both of these methods have been shown to lead to miscommunication and high rates of revision for size change.

How does the Vectra® 3-D Simulation Work

 Vectra Image-SubpageWhile every patient is reminded that the Vectra® 3-D imaging is a simulation of their possible outcome, studies have demonstrated over 90% accuracy in the highly advanced simulations that are created. After accurate measurements are obtained, a range of implants that fit a patient’s specific anatomy is determined. For many patients the choices include both round and shaped devices, and this affords an opportunity to visualize the real differences between the many styles available. Existing asymmetries between the breasts and associated chest wall abnormalities can be detected in many women. Implants can be selected that will balance these differences and create improved symmetry. The newest software now includes the ability to visualize a breast lift (mastopexy), in addition to a breast augmentation. A variety of scar patterns can be demonstrated and patients can get a very realistic look of what an implant alone, and implant plus a lift, or even a lift alone may look like. We have come a very long way in creating better-educated patients.

Can I view my consult again after I go home?

 Patients can now view their consultation with Dr. Glicksman from the privacy of their own home after the consultation is completed. The new “View my Consult” portal is available for women who wish to either review their consultation again or to share their experience with a family member or significant other who could not be present at the office visit. There is no additional charge for the Vectra® 3-D simulation which is integrated into the consultation phase of breast augmentations, lifts, and certain revisions.




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