This is a very special page for our practice because it reflects the words of some wonderful people- our patients. We have always saved their cards and letters, and more recently their numerous online testimonials. Their notes and reviews, filled with kind words, as well as the cookies and flowers they bring, help us remember why we are a patient focused practice. I’d like to share some of my collection of thank you notes and testimonials that bring me a continued sense of joy.


Eyelid Lift Patient (Blepharoplasty)

Giselle Charles                                                               Oct. 26th, 2016

Overall wonderful experience. I was treated with such care and professionalism. I would highly recommend Doctor Glicksman. *(Vitals.com)


Facial Plastic Surgery Patient

Lori                                                                       September 2016

I have been going to Dr. Glicksman for over 20 years now. I am so fortunate to have met the doctor years ago when she operated on my lip after an accident and corrected an issue that 2 prior surgeons could not. I have continued to go to Dr. Glicksman for many procedures throughout the years, and I am always extremely happy with each outcome. It has truly been a pleasure to work with her all these years.* (Google)


Breast Augmentation Patient  

Jamie Malone                                                                                    August 2016

I am now 1 year after my breast augmentation with Dr. Glicksman and just had my one-year check-up. I did a lot of research before my surgery and even went to two consultations before I met Dr. Glicksman. She was the only doctor who took the time to teach me about all of the possible implants available and which implants would fit my body. She used the 3D imaging to help me decide what I wanted before my surgery and my results look just like what she planned for me. I was given really good instructions about when I could go back to the gym, and also about how I need to take care of my implants. When I saw Dr. Glicksman this week we talked about me wanting to have a baby, and breast-feeding. She said she would continue to schedule me for visits every two years just to make sure everything stays perfect. I am so happy with my results! I am so glad that I made the decision to go with an expert.* (Google)


Breast Augmentation Patient

Nicole T in Manasquan, NJ                                                                  May 2016

I am so happy I went with Dr. Glicksman. As impressed as I was with the time and care she took with me beforehand, I am even more impressed with the results. Dr. Glicksman really listened to my concerns and fit me with implants I feel comfortable with. They look and feel natural. All my friends are amazed by her work and I would (and do) highly recommend her to anyone considering plastic surgery. Although I haven’t met many plastic surgeons I can’t imagine finding anyone more skilled, thoughtful.* (Health Grades)


Breast Augmentation Patient

Amylee Monte                                                                           July 2016

I went to Dr. Glicksman four years ago for form stable “gummy bear” implants and have been very happy with my results. Through two pregnancies and extensive breastfeeding runs, I am still quite happy with their appearance and integrity. My care and recovery was exceptional and I was home within 4 hours of my arrival time for surgery. The office is GORGEOUS with top of the line aesthetics. The staff is friendly and accommodating. I’ve had to bring my toddlers with me to my annual check-ups and they always offer help. In the event I was concerned about a clogged duct, or the way my implant felt, Dr. Glicksman made time to see me ASAP and offered her assistance, even my e-mail in the event I needed an antibiotic or had questions. My gummy bears have the most natural feel and appearance ever. No rippling, no leaking, and many have no idea I’ve had the enhancement unless told. I will be her patient until she retires and look forward to my next set of implants with Dr. Glicksman. *(Google)


Kybella and Breast Augmentation

Jade O’Connor                                                    May 2016

I went to Dr. Glicksman about 3 years ago by recommendation from a co-worker when I was looking to get a breast augmentation. She was extremely clear with all the options of implants she could use and helped me feel comfortable deciding which option and size worked for my body. I went for the “gummy bear” implants and they look and feel natural with my body. The thing I love most about them is that no one ever knows I have implants unless they are told or unless it gets brought up in conversation and I always recommend them going to Dr. Glicksman if considering the procedure.*

This year I went back to Dr. Glicksman because I have always been self-conscious of a hereditary double chin that I have had my whole life. No matter how much weight I lost this was always there. She informed me about a procedure using Kybella that would basically melt away the fast deposits in my neck/chin. After 2 sessions it is safe to say the fat has melted away. My neck has completely transformed and is defined now and I don’t feel self-conscious having people look at me from a side profile. The procedure didn’t take much time and the healing was tolerable. I would recommend getting it done in the winter however because the swelling sticks around for a couple weeks. Nothing a scarf can’t hide though and the results are well worth it and they last forever.* (Google)


Revision Breast Reconstruction

Cindy Beren                                                                          March 2016

My experience as a patient of Dr. Glicksman is very positive. I had a mastectomy a number of years ago and the implants needed to be replaced. Dr. Glicksman had not done the original reconstruction. She spent a lot of time examining me and carefully explaining her plan and answering my questions. I felt very confident about the procedure. Also, based on what she discovered during surgery she had to change part of her plan and of course couldn’t consult with me. She made a good decision and I am very pleased with the result. I highly recommend Dr. Glicksman.* (Google)


Revision Breast Augmentation Patient

Janet                                                                                                  May 2014

Dr. Caroline Glicksman is the most caring, ultimate medical professional I’ve had treat me. She shares her tremendous knowledge of everything related to my procedures so generously and always offers more to help me. I’ve never had a doctor do follow up phone calls personally like Dr. Glicksman and that’s what makes her so wonderful. She takes special, personal interest in her patients and I for one am very appreciative. I know I could call her about anything and she herself would respond quickly. If you want a doctor who goes above and beyond, then go see Dr. Glicksman for the expertise you want and the care you deserve.* (Vitals.com)


Skin Cancer Patient  

PF  May 2014

I was unbelievably fortunate to meet Dr. Glicksman last fall. I am 18 and was heading off to college. My Mom has been a patient of Dr. Glicksman for years and asked her to look at a mole on my back. Dr. Glicksman not only checked my back, she did a complete body scan. She suggested that I take off a tiny dark freckle between my toes. That little freckle turned out to be an early melanoma. She is very thorough and not all about cosmetic surgery. She also set me up to have routine body scans, and I was back to see her during my spring break. I highly recommend her.* (Vitals.com)


Breast Augmentation Patient

“I’M SO HAPPY” -Angela                                                                               Jan. 22, 2011

Before I went for my consult I had a lot of questions I wrote down that I was going to ask Dr. Glicksman. I didn’t even have to ask any of those questions! Dr. Glicksman explained everything to me in detail and much more. When I left her office I felt at ease and educated. I had lost over 70lbs and I have kept it off for about 8 years now. So needless to say my once full D cup was a B cup! I went with the round implants Dr. Glicksman suggested and I’m happy I did. Prior to surgery I was told I wasn’t going to need a pain medication! I thought to myself this should be interesting! lol Dr. Glicksman assured me that I wouldn’t need it and I trusted her. Amazingly I didn’t need it all! I had my procedure on a Thursday and I was back at work on Monday! I was sore, but not in pain. I just felt like I had a tuff workout the night before:)but NO PAIN or bleeding! I could reach over my head that same day. I am 6 months post op and I feel like I never even had anything done. They are not too big or too small and look so natural. Thank you Dr. Glicksman for helping me like myself naked again.*


Congenital Breast Asymmetry Patient

Oct 16th, 2012

Dr. Glicksman is the best! I couldn’t have asked for a kinder, smarter, more skilled and talented doctor. This was my first and probably only cosmetic surgery — to re-form a genetically deformed breast and enhance the size of both small breasts, and she just did wonders. I don’t hesitate to recommend her for any of your cosmetic surgery needs.* (Vitals.com)


Breast Augmentation Patient

“LIKE I WOULD HAVE SCRIPTED IT!”                                        Feb. 16, 2011

 It’s been 5 years since I had my procedure and I am still thrilled with the results. I always say my experience from initial appointments and questions, to surgery, results, recovery and follow up was exactly how I would have scripted it! She answered all of my questions and made me feel comfortable with her knowledge of my situation (diabetes), and the course to the best results for me. My breast augmentation is still as soft as the first day! Couldn’t be happier.*


Breast Augmentation Patient

“OVERALL EXPERIENCE WAS GREAT”                              December 2010

I had a Breast Augmentation/Cohesive Gel Implants done about a year ago with Dr. Glicksman. Her staff is very pleasant, her office is very nice and clean and my overall experience was great!! She is an expert, and very patient with all the questions I had for her and you can tell she is very well educated and knowledgeable in her field. I am more than happy with the results!!! Both my husband and I are very thankful!


Breast Reduction Patient

“THE BEST THING I EVER DID FOR MYSELF”                              Dec. 14, 2010

I am 60 years old and recently Dr. Glicksman performed breast reduction surgery on me. I had heard horror stories from friends about experiences they were familiar with. I put off the surgery until I couldn’t take the discomfort or the way I looked any more. Buying tops was nearly impossible for me. I searched and luckily found a wonderful and very skilled doctor – Dr. Glicksman. She performed the surgery and it went so smoothly – no drains and no pain. The office staff is wonderful and the surgery center was very organized and clean and comfortable. My only regret is that I put this surgery off for years – but as I found, it is never too late. *


Breast Augmentation Patient

“BEST INTEREST AT HEART” -Lynsdsay                                                      Aug. 26, 2010

I had the best experience with Dr. Glicksman. She was very professional and I am very pleased with my augmentation. Dr. Glicksman has your best interests at heart and wouldn’t do anything that was not beneficial to the patient. I am a new woman since my surgery, I feel happy and confident with my new look.*


Revision Breast Augmentation Patient

“OUTSTANDING!”                                                     Aug. 22, 2010

You could not ask for a more educated, professional, yet compassionate surgeon! She is above all honest and would never put her patient in jeopardy. I would recommend her to ANYONE!!*


Breast Augmentation Patient

“SHE’S THE BEST” -Anne                                                                  July, 2010

I had a breast augmentation with Dr. Glicksman. May I say from the start of the process to the finish she was professional, caring, sensitive to my needs, and clearly extremely knowledgeable and skilled. I was a little nervous about the whole process but she made me comfortable and at ease. My surgery turned out even better than expected. There is none I would go to for an augmentation other then Dr. Glicksman. I have had countless positive comments regarding the results of my surgery. My breasts look natural and beautiful and I am quite sure if I chose not to tell that they are augmented, no one would know, (even without a shirt on) If that doesn’t speak for itself ladies I don’t know what else I could say, but thank you Dr. Glicksman. You are the best!!!!*


Breast Augmentation Patient

“POSITIVE ENERGY”  -Andrea                                                      August 19, 2010

After visiting many plastic surgeons and being uncertain about my breast augmentation, I was uncertain I would even go through with the surgery. As soon as I walked into Dr. Glicksman’s office, the positive energy and comforting environment radiated through me and my uncertainty became history. Dr. Glicksman educated me on the history of all different kinds of implants and gave her opinion on which one would suite my body type, skin type and weight perfectly. She was so helpful, answered all of my questions and after the first visit, I put my deposit down right away. The surgical center was very clean and organized, and the surgery seemed like a quick nap I am so happy and couldn’t have wished for a better, more professional, educated and wonderful surgeon. Thank you so much!*


Revision Breast Reconstruction Patient

“THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL”- Lisa                                         March 4, 2010


Hi! I’m just checking in to tell you how fabulous I look and (most importantly) feel!! I am back to my routine, with no pain or swelling. Thank you so much for giving me back my confidence. I got used to pretending that it really didn’t matter to me how my inadequate reconstruction appeared, and that I was just happy to be alive. What I realized was that it was sucking my confidence. I had a constant ugly reminder that I was a cancer survivor, even though it has been almost 15 years. I hated to look in the mirror.

I wasn’t looking for perfection. I am a realist. But what I was looking for, two breasts that resembled each other and looked like breasts, you gave me, and more. They are beautiful. I now smile when look in the mirror. I am so grateful to you. You are truly an artist and a “woman’s” doctor. You understood. Thank you to your fabulous staff and the compassionate team at the surgery center. I’ll check in with you in a few months, to schedule the nipple surgery.*


Breast Augmentation Patient

“I AM 100% PAIN FREE”- Fran                                                                July 17, 2009

If you ever decide to post testimonials on your website, please feel free to include this one! It is just over a month since my breast augmentation procedure, and I cannot say enough about how happy I am. From all the advice and direction you gave me in deciding how to proceed, to the friendliness and kindness of your staff, especially the few days after the surgery, to the final results.

Everyone who sees me comments on how natural it looks and they can’t believe I have implants. The discomfort from the surgery was short lasting, and today I can say I am 100% pain free. I feel like I have had them forever and I feel good in everything I wear. I feel a difference in how I carry myself and I am so happy that I did this. It feels empowering to say you want something for yourself and to go ahead and do it!

I plan on recommending you anyone asking for a cosmetic surgeon. You and your staff are fantastic!

Thank you so much!*


Breast Lift Patient

“WONDERFUL DOCTOR!”                                                      Sept. 6, 2008

Dr. Glicksman is one of the most professional doctors I have ever seen. She spends a tremendous amount of time thoroughly explaining all options available. She never makes me feel rushed and is very easy to talk to. Before coming to her, I consulted with two other doctors concerning the same procedure. Dr. Glicksman was the only one who actually listened to and understood exactly what I wanted. It is extremely comforting to be under her care. Best of all, the results of her work are nothing short of amazing!*


* Patient results may vary

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