• University of Massachusetts, Amherst 1976-1980: BS Microbiology; BA Sociology
  • State University of New York Health Science Center at Brooklyn: Doctor of Medicine 1985
  • General Surgery Residency Mount Sinai Hospital NY, NY 1985-1988
  • Residency in Plastic Surgery 1988-1991, New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, Memorial Sloan Kettering
  • Fellowship in Aesthetic Surgery: Massachusetts General Hospital and the Newton Wellesley Hospital 1991-1992 –Eugene Courtiss, MD
    • Board Certification American Board of Plastic Surgery: 1994
    • Fellow American College of Surgeons: 1995

Hospital Affiliations

  • Full Attending: Jersey Shore University Medical Center 1991-present
  • Medical Center of Ocean County 1991-present
  • Northern Monmouth Regional Surgery Center


  • American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons: 1994-present
  • American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery: 2010-present
  • New Jersey Society of Plastic Surgeons: 1992- present
  • New York Regional Society of Plastic Surgeons: 1991-present
  • Northeastern Society of Plastic Surgeons: 2011-present
  • Monmouth County Plastic Surgery Society: 1994-present

Clinical Research

  • 1977: Research Assistant Brown University, Department of Infectious Diseases Providence, RI
  • 1978: Research Assistant- Department of Infectious Diseases- Wright-Fleming Institute, Saint Mary’s Hospital London, England
  • 1981–85: Research Assistant Department of Infectious Diseases, SUNY Health Science Center @ Brooklyn. First CDC – Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome- AIDS study in New York City
  • 1988–89: Research Assistant Miami Craniofacial Anomalies Program
  • 1995–2000: Principal Investigator- Inamed Adjunct Study- Saline Filled Breast Implants
  • 1998–2003: Principal Investigator-clinical trial- Inamed Adjunct Study- Silicone Filled Breast Implants
  • 2005–2012: Principal Investigator-clinical trial- Allergan Silicone Filled Breast Implant CARE Study-Style 410 Implants
  • 2007–2012: Principal Investigator-clinical trial- Allergan Silicone Filled Breast Implant Follow-up Study (BIFS)
  • 2005–2014: Principal Investigator-clinical trial- Allergan Silicone Filled Breast Implants-Style 410- Silicone Gel Implants
  • 2012-present: Principal Investigator- clinical trial- Sientra Silicone Filled Breast Implant Post–Market Approval Study
  • 2010-present: Principal Investigator-clinical trial- Allergan Silicone Filled Breast Implants -410XL Study
  • 2010-2015: Principal Investigator-clinical trial- Allergan Silicone Filled Breast Implants -410-CA-XL Study
  • 2012-present: Tepha-GalaFlex clinical trial in Mastopexy and Reduction Mammaplasty
  • 2015- ASERF research grant recipient: The Validation of the Efficacy of a “Breast Implant Teaching Model” to Improve Patient, Resident, and Staff education in Breast Augmentation
  • 2015-present: The Definition, Histology, and Possible Etiologies of the Double Capsule- research in progress
  • 2017-present: Medical Director Motiva Breast Implants Clinical Trial (Establishment Labs) – United States


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Implants: A Consensus Panel Recommendation and Review of Literature Journal of   

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     Principles and Art Editor Spear, Third Edition 2010


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  • Immediate Breast Reconstruction with Tissue Expanders and Concurrent Adjuvant

Chemotherapy – Abstracts ASPS Seattle. 1991


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Journal of Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy. October 1978


  • Synergistic Activity of Trimethoprim and Amikacin Against Gram Negative Bacteria

Journal of Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy. September 1977

US Patents


  • Breast Implant Teaching Model: United States Patent No. 8,568,146
  • Bra Cup Sizing system-US Patent pending (Bradley Bengtson, MD and Caroline Glicksman, MD-co-inventors)
  • Medical Dressing System: United States Patent No. 5,792,088

National and International Academic and Invited Presentations 


  • ASPS- American Society of Plastic Surgeons:Breast Panel: Immediate Breast Reconstruction and Post-Operative Adjuvant Chemotherapy-Seattle, Washington – October 1991


  • ASPS- American Society of Plastic SurgeonsBreast Panel:Another Level of Breast Augmentation: Philadelphia, PA – October 2004
  • Allergan Academy Senior Residents Conference:Soft Tissue Fillers-Juviderm-Hyaluronic Acids– Washington, DC  April 2006


  • Allergan Academy Evening Conference: Improving Outcomes in Breast Augmentation Cleveland, Ohio – 2007


  • International Conference in Plastic Surgery St. John’s Virgin IslandsFaculty: Revision Augmentation for Rupture and Capsular Contracture, Revision Augmentation for Malposition Deformities – 2008


  • NY Hospital-Cornell Medical Center: Invited Speaker: Revision Breast Augmentation NYC – 2008


  • ASPS-Masters Panel Allergan Academy at American Society of Plastic Surgeons Annual Scientific Meeting: The Role of Texturing in Revision Augmentation – Seattle, WA- October 2009


  • Jersey Shore University Medical Center Department of Plastic SurgeryPatient Education in Breast Augmentation – 2009


  • Allergan Academy Senior Residents Conference: Defining Success for New Surgeons-Principles in Reconstruction– Anaheim, CA – 2010


  • Brazilian Society of Plastic SurgeonsScientific Panel: Rio de Janeiro:Late Seromas and ALCL – August 2010


  • Allergan Academy Rio de JaneiroApproaching the Revision Patient Strategies for Success – August 2010


  • Allergan Academy Round Table: Revision Augmentation Miami, Florida- 2010


  • Senior Residents Conference – Faculty– Defining Success for New Surgeons-Aesthetic Breast Reconstruction– Nashville, TN – January 2011


  • New York Presbyterian Hospital:Grand Rounds: Late Seroma Work Group –Management of Late Seromas-New York, NY March 2011


  • Allergan Academy Round Table: Principles in Aesthetic Reconstruction – NY, NY April 2011


  • Allergan Academy Round Table: University of Texas Medical Center: Optimizing Outcomes in Breast Augmentation, Capsular Contracture Current Concepts – Dallas, TX – March 2011


  • Allergan Academy Round Table Beverly Hills, California: Capsular Contracture Current Concepts – September 2011


  • Allergan Academy Round Table Palm Springs, California: Capsular Contracture Current Concepts-September 2011


  • Northeastern Society of Plastic Surgeons Scientific Panel Amelia Island, Florida:  Update on Form Stable Cohesive Gel Breast Implants– October 2011


  • Allergan Academy Round Table Amelia Island, Florida: Approaching the Revision Patient: Strategies for Success- Secondary Drivers for Revision-Wrinkling, Rippling, Stretch Deformity, and Size Change- September2011


  • New York Presbyterian Hospital Department of Plastic Surgery:Approaching the Revision Patient: Strategies for Success- Secondary Drivers for Revision-Wrinkling, Rippling, Stretch Deformity, and Size Change – New York, NY –  May 2012



  • American College of SurgeonsNew Jersey- Faculty-Breast Panel-Use of Shaped Breast Implants in Breast Augmentation and Revision Breast Augmentation- January 2013


  • Baker Gordon Conference: Faculty-Approaching the Revision Patient Strategies for Success: Secondary Drivers for Revision: Wrinkling, Rippling, Stretch deformities, and Size Change February 2013


  • ASPS-The Aesthetic Meeting: Faculty-Educational course instructor: Surgical Nuances of Shaped Highly Cohesive gel Implants- ASAPS New York, NY – May 2013


  • The Plastic Surgery Meeting American Society of Plastic Surgeons-Faculty-Hot Topics Presentation: Appreciating the Potential of the Allergan Style 410 Shaped Highly Cohesive Gels in Your Augmentation and Reconstruction Practice San Diego, CAMay 2013


  • Atlanta Breast Meeting Allergan Academy:410 Anatomically Shaped Highly Cohesive Silicone Filled breast Implants– Atlanta, Georgia – January 2014


  • Allergan National Educational Webinar- Young Plastic Surgeon and Resident Educational Program: Allergan 410 Implants for the Constricted Base Breast and Tuberous Breast Deformities – April 2014


  • ASAPS-The Aesthetic Meeting: The Aesthetic Meeting: Faculty-Educational course instructor: Surgical Nuances of Shaped Highly Cohesive gel Implants – ASAPS San Francisco, CA – May 2014


  • Atlanta Breast Meeting- Allergan Academy: Natrelle 410 Highly Cohesive Breast Implants – January 2015


  • ASAPS-The Aesthetic Meeting:Allergan Academy Resolution for Challenging Cases of Asymmetry and Congenital Deformities– Montreal, Canada – May 2015


  • GalaFlex Cadaver Laboratory Instructor: Use of GalaFlex in Mastopexy and Breast Reduction – New York, NY October 2015


  • The Plastic Surgery Meeting ASPS– Allergan Academy: The Vision for Aesthetic Breast Reconstruction and Managing Complications Boston, MA October 2015



  • Senior Residents Conference- Faculty-ASPS-October 2015-Boston, MA


  • ASPS-Breast Scientific Panel:Current Controversies in Breast Implant Surgery-October 2015, Boston, MA ASAPS-The Aesthetic Meeting: Allergan Academy: Women in Plastic Surgery Networking Hour and Cases and Considerations in Revision Breast Surgery April 2016-Las Vegas, Nevada


  • ASAPS-The Aesthetic Meeting: Faculty Educational CourseOptimizing Results in Revision Breast Surgery April 2016-Las Vegas, Nevada


  • ASAPS-The Aesthetic Meeting: Faculty Educational CourseSurgical Nuances of Form Stable Implants-April 2016-Las Vegas, Nevada


  • ASERF- Aesthetic Society Educational Research Foundation:Research Luncheon presentation: Breast implant Teaching Model– Las Vegas, Nevada-April 2016
  • ASPSThe Meeting: FacultyEducational Course Instructor: The Evaluation and Treatment of Chest Wall and breast Asymmetry with Shaped Highly Cohesive Gel Implants- September 2016 Los Angeles, CA
  • ASPS-Senior Residents Conference: Faculty-September 2016, Los Angeles, CA


  • ASAPS-Experienced Insights Breast and Body ContouringFacultyExecuting the Augmentation-Mastopexy, Patient Education in Breast Augmentation, Chicago, IL October 2016


  • Tepha- GalaFlex Bio-skills Lab Instructor- Atlanta, GA January 2017


  • ASAPS- The Aesthetic Meeting: Faculty Educational Course– Optimizing Results in Revision Breast Surgery- April 2017 San Diego, CA


  • ASAPS- The Aesthetic Meeting: Hot Topics: Motiva Breast Implants- April 2017 San Diego, CA







Leadership Positions- Local and National


  • President and CEO Zero Surgery Centers 1997-2016
  • Board of Directors Cancer Concern Centers- Monmouth and Ocean County, NJ 1993-present
  • ASAPS-ASERF– Aesthetic Surgery Research and Educational Foundation-current committee member
  • ASPS– Women’s Plastic Surgery Forum- WPS- past committee member
  • ASPS-ASAPS– Breast Implant Task Force- committee member-2003-2007
  • Allergan Executive Council Plastic Surgery 2004-present
  • Plastic Surgery Channel– Medical Advisory Board and Co-Chair Breast Committee- 2009-present
  • ASAPS- RADAR– Resident Education website committee member
  • PRSSenior Residents Conference– Faculty






 State and National Advocacy ASAPS and ASPS


  • 1997: Co-author legislation State of New Jersey- mandating health insurance

coverage for breast reconstruction, testified before NJ State Legislature 1997-

bill signed into law 1998


  • 2003: Testified before FDA’s Center for Radiological Health and Devices Advisory

Panel on Silicone Breast Implants


  • 2005: Testified before FDA’s Center for Radiological Health and Devices Panel on

Silicone Breast Implants


  • 2005: Represented the ASPS and ASAPS at Capitol Hill Briefing: Testified

before members of Congress-Capitol Hill Briefing-Washington, DC proposed

lifting ban on silicone breast implants


  • 2011: Testified before the FDA’s Panel on Radiological Health and Devices on design

of Post-Market Approval Studies




Resident and Surgeon Education


  • ASPS- Senior Residents Conference: Faculty
  • Allergan Academy Faculty- 2004-present: Development of local and regional lecture series- Improving outcomes in breast augmentation, breast reconstruction, and implant revision surgery
  • GalaFlex-Tepha- Clinical investigator and Clinical Instructor-Bio-Skills Lab NY, NY 2015
  • GalaFlex-Tepha-Clinical Instructor-Bio-skills lab Atlanta, GA 2017
  • ASPS-Senior Residents Conference-Annual Meeting- Faculty
  • Allergan Executive Council on Breast Aesthetics/Plastic Surgery: 2004-present. Development of national and international physician and resident education in breast augmentation, reconstruction, and breast implant revision surgery
  • Life-Cell-Innovations Council- 2017









Local and National Volunteer Activity


  • BRA Day-National advocacy for breast reconstruction
  • Mentor Program Academy of Allied Health and Science, Neptune NJ
  • Mentor program Biotechnology High School, Freehold, NJ
  • Board of Directors: Cancer Concern Center, Point Pleasant, NJ





  • New Jersey: Active
  • Massachusetts: Active




Married to Dr. Clint Ferenz, Orthopaedic surgeon, with four children