Dr. Glicksman utilizes a full line of skincare products including products that will help prevent further photo-damage, as well as products formulated to treat existing signs of sun damage and aging. A full description of the latest science in skin care can be found at Antioxidants and Skin Care. Consultations with Dr. Glicksman are available to help guide patients through their various skincare options, including the management of adult onset acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and repair of skin damaged by years of sun or smoking. A complementary Vectra 3-D analysis of your skin can be scheduled to coincide with any consultation. The images obtained can help us evaluate areas of hyperpigmentation or increased vascularity, which can result from sun exposure, smoking, hormonal therapy or simply genetics.

All of the products sold in our office have been shown to have scientific benefits and a skincare plan will be determined only after a thorough evaluation. Samples, when available, will also be provided at no charge, to give patients the opportunity to test possible skin care products before purchase. A “Prescription for Beauty” will be individualized for each patient, outlining products, peels, and non-surgical procedures that may help you obtain your goals.


As a complement to surgical procedures or when surgery is not yet indicated, Dr. Glicksman has been offering BOTOX® to her patients since 2003. BOTOX® is an FDA approved toxin that has been available in the United States for over ten years. It was the first botulinum toxin approved to treat facial wrinkles. BOTOX® remains safe and effective when used within the guidelines of the manufacturer, and it has become the leading injectable for non-surgical facial rejuvenation used around the world.

All patients who are candidates for BOTOX® will be evaluated and injected by the doctor, and only by the doctor. Dr. Glicksman does not use Nurse Injectors or Medical Assistants for filler procedures. In addition, unless otherwise requested, Dr. Glicksman will try to give you the most natural, soft results, without the “Housewives” look so often associated with BOTOX® and fillers. The results from BOTOX® are visible within 24-48 hours, and will usually last about 4 months. The office staff will make sure that you are able to keep up your results by helping you schedule your BOTOX® appointments throughout the year. Dr. Glicksman strongly encourages her patients to participate in the Allergan Brilliant distinctions program, a membership rewards program where her patients earn points with each injection. These points are deposited into your Brilliant Distinctions account generating valuable coupons for savings. In addition, each month Dr. Glicksman offers her “Thirsty Thursdays” where patients receive special discounts that can be combined with their Brilliant Distinctions coupons for even more savings. Please check our Events page monthly to see our up to date specials.

Purchase a minimum of 25 units of Botox- get $50 off (no coupon required, valid through April 30th)


Dr. Glicksman offers Juvederm™ Ultra Plus XC. This facial soft tissue filler is a colorless, hyaluronic acid gel that has been combined with Lidocaine, a local anesthetic, for a less painful experience. This soft tissue filler is used to soften the lines around the mouth, subtly improve the fullness of the lips, and lessen the lines around the eyes and forehead. Dr. Glicksman uses a range of soft tissue fillers, each indicated for the treatment of specific problems. Dr. Glicksman uses Juvederm™ Ultra Plus XC most often, as it remains soft, looks extremely natural, and produces minimal bruising or swelling. In addition, most patients will find it extremely long lasting, with consistent, superior results for up to a year. Juvederm™ Ultra Plus XC is now available in a larger 1cc syringe, offering patients 25% more filler in each syringe at no additional charge. Special offers are also available throughout the year, and on Dr. Glicksman’s “Thirsty Thursdays”, filler patients can combine their “Brilliant Distinctions” coupons with her monthly specials. Other soft tissue fillers, as they present to the market, are evaluated for their safety, efficacy, and validity of their claims, prior to being used on patients.

Buy 1 syringe of Juvederm- get the second syringe for 1/2 price (same day treatment)

Skin Peels and Resurfacing

A variety of options are available for resurfacing, from light skin peels to full face deep skin resurfacing. Fruit acid peels such as glycolic acid, and Kojic acid in are available in varying strengths and may offer patients a lighter alternative for the treatment of acne and hyperpigmentation. Kits are available for home use that combine Kojic acid, antioxidants, and varying concentrations of hydroquinone, from 2% to 6%, to help brighten the skin and lighten dark spots.

Skin Resurfacing Lasers

One of the latest advancements for rejuvenation of wrinkled, aged or sun-damaged skin is the Active and Deep FX CO2 Fractional Laser available at Dr. Glicksman’s Sea Girt office.
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Latisse® Grows Lashes
Botox and Latisse New Jersey
Latisse® is the only FDA approved prescription product available that can grow thicker longer eyelashes in just a few months. Dr. Glicksman will teach you how to safely apply Latisse and review all possible side effects before you purchase the product. Most patients see beautiful thick long lashes after about 6 -8 weeks of daily use. Dr. Glicksman offers Latisse specials throughout the year, usually “Buy one kit, get one free”. Come in for an evaluation to see if you are a candidate for Latisse®.

Buy one k it of Latisse- get one kit FREE (while supplies last)