juvederm voluma Immediate results after filling the left side (mid-face) with 1cc

What is JuvedermVolumaXC®

JuvedermVolumaXC® is the first injectable filler in the United States that is FDA approved to correct age associated volume loss in the mid-face. This gel, which is very similar to JuvedermXC®, currently used in the lower face, lasts much longer, usually about 2 years.

If you are contemplating trying this recently approved injectable filler, what do you need to know?

First: Be very careful where you go to for this treatment. The injection of JuvedermVolumaXC® takes far more skill than a Botox® injection or even the more commonly used JuvedermXC®. There are some very real and possibly serious risks with this product due to the thickness of the gel as well as the locations where it is injected.  Dr. Glicksman is a skilled certified injector trainer, and she does not use nurse injectors or Physician’s Assistants to inject her patients.

Second: JuvedermVolumaXC® is supposed to be injected deeply, and that is where the difficulty lies. The safe use of JuvedermVolumaXC® demands that the injector (whose only training may have been an online certification or evening course provided by the manufacturer), should not only be able to evaluate your facial aesthetics, but must be very knowledgeable of facial anatomy; every facial artery, vein and nerve. In addition, because JuvedermVolumaXC™ is injected deeply into the tissues, and lasts for up to two years, there is a critical need for sterile technique to prevent deep infections and the establishment of biofilms around the gel.

The results from JuvedermVolumaXC® can be absolutely amazing, and the fact that it can be performed safely and quickly in an office, with very minimal recovery has truly revolutionized facial aesthetics. Like all procedures that Dr. Glicksman performs, safety and proportion are always her first priority.

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